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Beauty is...

...in the eye of the beholder

Eye Spy
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"What's this? Another eating disorder community?"
"Yep, another one."

But with a twist.

Because this is a PHOTO-DRIVEN community. That means three things (I'll try to keep the rules short and easy to follow.)

1) You must post a photo of yourself. Hide your face for anonymity if you like, but the point of having a photo community is to see photos and give feedback on them.

2) AT LEAST 50% of your posts should contain a photo of some sort, one of you, your progress, something that inspires you, or just something that makes you feel good. This community is here to appeal to the visual senses.

3) And finally, BE NICE. Yes, I set this up as an ED community, but no further classification on that. I want those who are 'pro', those who are not, and even those who just have some unresolved body issues to all feel comfortable here.

Additionally, I'm not going to be super-strict about the rules I layed down. If the first post is not a photo, I might let it slide. I'm not going to be performing mathematical equations to assure that 50% and not 49.5% of your posts have contained photos. Just try to stay within the general boundaries and we can have a nice collective visual representation of your progress and inspiration.